About Us

2024 Edit: We were lucky enough to be selected for an interview from the website “I Want a Maine Coon“! You can view our interview here.

Dallas and Hazel
Dallas and Hazel
Dallas and Hazel

Who we Are

We are a small family cattery located in Utah County, Utah. Registered with both TICA and CFA, we are a couple dedicated to giving our pets the best life we possibly can. In addition to our cat family, we have three dogs and two sulcata tortoises.

Our names are Melanie and Dallas – although my name (Melanie) is almost solely used as my legal name on my business license, cattery registration, etc. I most often go by my preferred name, Hazel. Don’t be confused if you get used to calling me Hazel and then see the name Melanie on your contract – we’re the same person!

Why we Breed Maine Coons

Growing up, I was always fascinated with exotic pets – and especially the processes of breeding and raising them! From the age of 8, I raised fish – angelfish, mollies, bettas, swordtails, and about a dozen other varieties – until around age 12 when I decided fish, while fun, weren’t as interactive as I’d like. After rehoming most of my fish, I acquired my first pair of parrotlets (miniature parrots) and raised my first clutch of eggs from them. I was hooked! I honed my baby bird rearing skills, breeding many different species over the next dozen years, including amazon parrots, ringnecks, rosellas, quaker parrots, lovebirds, and many others.

Breeding birds taught me so many things about both them and animals in general. I attended college and got a bachelor’s degree double majoring in biology and microbiology, and my education certainly came in handy when it came to my bird hobby and my general love for animals. I got my own fancy microscope for Christmas one year so I could perform gram stains for any of my birds that got sick – baby birds are very prone to bacterial infections! Using that knowledge I was able to diagnose and treat my own birds and other pets (only for certain things of course! I always took them to the vet for anything I wasn’t confident on).


A few years ago, Dallas and I finally got a home of our own. With that, we were able to adopt 3 dogs – Anya, a Borzoi, and two rescues, Kyro, an Australian Shepherd, and Luna, a German Shepherd/Shih Tzu/and possibly other things mix. After discovering that our new home had a mice problem, we getting decided a cat would be the way to go. Since I am so interested in exotic pets, I decided to look into all of the possible cat breeds we could get. A few weeks and a lot of research later, I decided I absolutely needed a Maine Coon! After a LOT of searching, I found Aphrodite’s breeder in Russia and after another long few months of figuring out logistics and very expensive shipping costs, we brought Aphrodite home. She made herself right at home, fixed the mice problem, and very quickly had us wrapped around her paws!

With my prior animal breeding experience, and my passion for biology, I decided that breeding Maine Coons would be a great fit for me. Of course, I first did months of research, and made sure I felt comfortable with the huge expenses and time commitments that breeding Maine Coons would require. I slowed down my bird breeding hobby, and over the next few months carefully selected four additional cats for the cattery – Apollo, Iris, Nyx, and Persephone.

I found the Maine Coon breed to be absolutely breathtaking. These cats are very large, of course, but also live up to their reputation as “gentle giants”. Who wouldn’t love a giant cat that looks like a lion with the personality of a teddy bear? 

Our cats spend their days hanging around our house, sharing all of the same spaces as us. We often include them in the family meals as well, cooking them cat-safe foods in addition to our own.

At night, the cats go into their own bedrooms filled with toys, activities, and of course plenty of different beds for them to choose from.

Licenses and Certifications

Cattery Registration Certificate TICA
Cattery Registration Certificate CFA