Greek Garden Maine Coons

Dedicated to Creating Healthy, Happy, and Excellent 

TICA and CFA Registered Maine Coons

Penelope 8 Weeks
Orpheus 10 Weeks

Our Cattery

We are dedicated to creating the healthiest, friendliest TICA and CFA registered Maine Coons kittens around. We are a family-owned and operated small cattery located in Utah County, Utah. We are committed to providing our kittens with the best possible care and socialization, and we are confident that we can help you find your perfect companion at our cattery. All of our kittens come with genetic health guarantees, their very own copy of their personal genetic testing, microchips, pedigrees, negative FIV, FeLV, and heartworm testing, and much more! You can read more about us or our kittens here.

2024 Edit: We were lucky enough to be selected for an interview from the website “I Want A Maine Coon“! You can view our interview here.

The Highest Quality Maine Coon Kittens Around

We take the utmost care to select not only extremely healthy, but genetically compatible breeding cats. The Maine Coon breed is very prone to inbreeding. The majority of the lines that exist today came from 5 foundation cats that were bred, father and daughter, to create the Maine Coon we see today. Thankfully, because of the hard work of some incredible outcross/foundation breeders such as Judith Schulz (breeder of our future Queen Sunny, who has been breeding Maine Coons exclusively since 1987!), careful breeders are able to maintain a safe level of heterozygosity in the breed while upholding the breed size and standard. It is vital to not only test for physical and genetic conditions, but to carefully examine the pedigree of each cat to ensure that the COI – coefficient of inbreeding – remains at a safe level. Preferably far below! 

Our Kings and Queens

We keep our numbers low so that every single one of our cats gets an incredible amount of love, attention, and care. We are very picky about which cats we select to become part of our cattery, and each cat goes through a rigorous testing regimen before officially becoming a part of our program.

Every single one of our breeding Kings and Queens are tested for Genetic Diseases, Hip Dysplasia, and Hypercardiomyopathy both through a DNA test and through annual advanced color doppler echocardiograms. We also perform testing for FIV, FeLV, parasites, respiratory viruses and infections, and annual biochemistry bloodwork panels to make sure nothing is missed. We owe it to this captivating breed to produce only the very best and healthiest kittens, and keep the breed standard preserved for all future generations.