Frequently Asked Questions

Our number one cattery priority is the creation of healthy kittens and cats. We run full genetic panels on all of our breeding cats, and complete results are always posted on our website. This includes the most important genetic testing for Maine Coons: HCM, SMA, PKD, PKDef, as well as many others.

However, genetic testing alone is not enough to catch all of the possible health complications with this (or any other) breed. That’s why we also perform annual advanced heart echocardiograms on every single breeding cat in our cattery, as well as hip X-rays, fecal and upper respiratory PCR testing, and complete physical exams including bloodwork panels and SNAP tests for FIV, FeLV, and Heartworm. If any cats do not pass all of their testing, or even if they have passed all of their testing but have produced a single kitten with any genetic issues, they are retired from our program immediately.

Each of our kittens goes home with their spay/neuter already completed, their own personal complete genetic health and trait panel from MyCatScan, deworming and vaccinations up to date including rabies, microchipping, negative FIV, FeLV, and Heartworm SNAP testing, a negative fecal PCR float and parasite panel, an official TICA pedigree and registration for both TICA and CFA, and a wellness certificate obtained on the day they turn 13 weeks old (or the Friday before/Monday after if it’s on a weekend).

Anywhere within the continental US and Canada. Kittens are flown in-cabin by us personally to the airport of your choice if you choose to have them delivered, or if you choose to fly here yourself we can bring them to you at SLC airport on the day of your flight. At this time we do not provide deliveries outside of these countries, but if you live elsewhere and want a kitten, you are still welcome to fly here and pick up your kitten! 

Cost of Deliveries:

Pick up kitten at the SLC Airport (you fly here) – No Charge

Pick up kitten at a pre-determined location within 15 miles of Lehi, UT – No Charge

Personal Kitten Delivery by Vehicle within 300 miles of Lehi, UT (By Hazel or Dallas, or one of our close family members) – $300

*Personal Kitten Delivery by Air within 400 miles of Lehi, UT (kitten rides in cabin with Hazel, Dallas, or one of our family members) – $400

*Personal Kitten Delivery by Air beyond 400 miles of Lehi, UT (kitten rides in cabin with Hazel, Dallas, or one of our family members) – $600

*With these options we will fly the kitten to the airport nearest to you. You will need to meet us at your local airport to pick up the kitten on the day of the flight!

We do currently keep a waitlist. To be added you can fill out the application and send us a message once you have done that telling us that you want to be added to the waitlist and what color(s) or gender(s) you are looking for. We will contact you when we both have the appropriate kitten and have reached your spot on the waitlist. We go down the waitlist in order of who has applied first, with the exception of repeat customers and those wanting two kittens at once who are given priority.

Our kittens are able to go home as early as 13 weeks old. At 12 weeks they are spayed/neutered and receive their rabies vaccinations, and then at 13 weeks old they receive their final vet checkup and are allowed to go home if they get the all clear! We have a right to hold back any kittens for an extra week or two if we feel they need more healing time or a longer evaluation period. Most kittens heal from spay/neuter surgeries very fast at this age so it will be rare that any need to be held back!

Breeding health-tested Maine Coons properly is a very expensive and time-consuming process, which is why a well-bred Maine Coon kitten can be so expensive. Pricing varies with each litter and color. Our kittens will be between $3500-4500. The deposit to reserve a kitten is $500 and is taken off of the total price of the kitten.

A 3 Year Genetic Health Guarantee, 

A Complete Genetic Panel from Catscan DNA Testing (Tests for Over 120 Diseases and Traits), 

A Free First Month of Pet Insurance from Trupanion,

A Starter Kit with Litter Box, Toys, and Food, 

Spay/Neuter Completed at 12 weeks,

1 Year Rabies Vaccination,

TICA and CFA Registration Papers (after proof of spay/neuter), 

A 3 Generation TICA Pedigree Upon Kitten Registration, 

Microchipping with FREE Lifetime Registration,

2 Sets of FVRCP Vaccinations, 

Deworming and Intestinal Parasite Testing [Negative],

Heartworm Testing [Negative],

FIV/FeLV Testing [Negative],

Photo and Video Updates of Your Kitten as They Grow,

Gotcha Day Grooming, Ear Cleaning, Fluff Blow-Dry, and Nail Trim,

A Veterinary Wellness Certificate and Exam Obtained Within 10 Days or Less Prior to Your Kitten Going Home,

An Airline Compliant Soft Pet Carrier to Take Your Baby Home in,

Your Kitten’s Health and Medical Records, 

And of Course Lifetime Support for You and Your Kitten!

This answer to this is complicated – yes and no. We do absolutely everything we can to produce the healthiest kittens possible, starting with our very careful selection process for the cats in our program. We perform thousands of dollars worth of testing every year and only allow the most fit cats to breed. We even perform testing on our kittens which is hard to find with most other breeders. 

Our kittens are created with health in mind, but even so kittens are always at risk of being exposed to things outside of our control in their new homes, such as household toxins, viruses from other pet cats, and a million things they could get from their harnessed walks outside or from a vet’s office. 

We have a 3 year guarantee for any possible genetic conditions, and a health and sickness guarantee that lasts 72 hours after your kitten goes home. We always highly recommend pet insurance is kept on your kitten – especially in the first year – because young kittens are more prone to accidents and are still developing their full immune systems. 

Before they have had all of their shots, kittens are especially prone to diseases. In order to preserve the safety and health of our cats and kittens, we do not allow visits at this time – our cats are all healthy, and we plan to keep it that way!

We have also heard a lot of horror stories of breeders being robbed at gunpoint or worse for their litters of puppies and kittens. We are a little paranoid perhaps, but want to avoid that risk. Instead of in-person visits, we allow scheduled facetime visits for you and your kitten, and can always provide references upon request.

The deposit of $500 is always required up front to reserve a kitten. Typically, the rest of the payment is due at the time of pickup. If you prefer to pay in weekly or irregular installments, that is completely fine as long as the kitten is fully paid for before it goes home with you!

We get a lot of messages every day, and do try to respond to every single one. However, most of our time and energy is spent on our cats and their health and happiness, and not on social media. If you message us asking about something that is already covered on our website, chances are we will either direct you to the website or sometimes if we are busy we will just not respond (I -Hazel- am very forgetful especially when it comes to remembering to reply to messages).

Additionally, please try to remember that we are people and not machines. Messages with little to no effort, such as simply saying “price?”, “how much?”, or “I want one”, are usually left in our “message request jail”. A simple hello and short introduction will get our attention, help us get to know you, and make us want to do business with you. We are choosing the future families for our babies after all!

First of all, I hear ya. It feels like for every actual breeder of Maine Coons, there are ten scammers, cat mills, brokers, or who knows what else trying to get money from you for a kitten that either doesn’t exist, does exist but isn’t owned by the person trying to sell it to you, or is very sick. I have gotten quite a few of my cats from other countries where meeting the kitten isn’t really an option and have been in the same boat, trying to make sure I’m not just sending my money to some unknown bank account that will disappear in a couple days. Here are some of my top tips to avoid problems:

Question #1

Where can I go to adopt a pet?

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