Nyx - Retired

"House of Mews Nyx of Greek Garden"
Blue Smoke

Nyx has the most impressive coat and tail I have seen on a Maine Coon. She has beautiful green/yellow eyes and wonderful features. She is a bit more shy than our other queens, although she has warmed up to us quite a bit since we adopted her! She is a sweet girl who never causes trouble and is very curious.
Nyx has a spotless genetic background, in addition to the same incredible pedigree her sister and littermate Iris shares with her. Like her sister, she has zero family history of any health problems and came from a wonderful breeder in the US.
Nyx has produced one litter, the Stellar Litter, and is now preparing for an early retirement. Although she passed all of her testing, two of her six kittens were born with a condition called Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome, or FCKS. This is a very rare condition and its cause is not entirely known. To be extra safe, we have decided to retire her early on the chance it could be genetically inherited (there is no genetic test for the condition). Thankfully, both of the kittens quickly recovered from the condition within a few weeks and it’s almost impossible to tell they ever had it. They both found loving homes.